My name is Genadi Dimov, and I was born in Varna, Bulgaria. I’ve been in the game industry for about 16 years.

I’ve worked a few staff jobs, and my most recent endeavors has been on a freelance basis.

My skills include, but are not limited to Modeling, UV, Texturing, Lightning, Rendering and 2D design.

I have good traditional Art foundation.

My main passion is with modeling and texturing environments and props.

My work has ranged from AAA titles to indie projects, from PC/next-gen consoles to Mobile platforms.

I love my profession, and I`m very passionate about my work.

On my spare time I like to work on my skills and try to learn new things.

Most recently I decided to pick up drawing and traditional art again after having abandoned it for years. I’ve been also trying my hands at writing also.

If you like my work and want my talent on your project or in your office, feel free to contact me. I truly hope you had a nice time visiting my portfolio and, if not, please come back again. I’m always improving.



“ Genadi was renowned at our studio for being an extremely efficient games props artist powerhouse. Over the last year Genadi has been contracted at Burning Arrow, filling the role of Environment Props Artist on steam early access title “The Other 99”. One of the main pleasures of working with Genadi was his high level of communication, this trait was proven to be vital in a remote position where tasks had to be executed with accuracy. Another standout trait was Genadi’s ability to produce assets quickly with little to no supervision, this allowed the team to iterate fast in the confidence that Genadi could always deliver. Genadi really excelled when it came to crunch and tight deadlines, in a quite chaotic ad hoc environment Genadi stayed malleable and level headed. Personally, Genadi was really pleasant, likeable and fun to talk to, which was great as we had daily contact. Any employee, lead or team member would really benefit from Genadi’s reliability, which is why I highly recommend him. “ – David Croft-Sharland (Director at Burning Arrow Ltd)